India and Bhutan : off the beaten track

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India and Bhutan expert

Kamal Bhardwaj

India and Bhutan - Kamal Bhardwaj
India and Bhutan - Kamal Bhardwaj
India and Bhutan - Kamal Bhardwaj
India and Bhutan - Kamal Bhardwaj
India and Bhutan - Kamal Bhardwaj
India and Bhutan - Kamal Bhardwaj

Flying Elephant Tours & Leisure invites you on a journey to the Indian subcontinent, where many cultures and religions of the world are born in history of over 5000 years.

With our tours, you can experience the different faces of the subcontinent like colorfulness of Rajasthan, peaks of Himalaya, the happiness of Bhutan, the sacred rivers like Ganges, the backwaters of Kerala in South India, the beaches of Goa, the Tibetan culture and landscape of Ladakh and the Thar Desert, exotic animals such as tigers, rhinoceros, elephants, lions and many other exotic animals and birds.

We can customize the tours "100% exclusive for you" according to your specific needs and wishes . We plan the itineraries in such a way that you enjoy more and get value for your money. 

Safe and pleasant trip with a high quality and personalized customer service are our priority. We promise you to offer the tour with unforgettable experience and moments that you can hold lifelong in your memory.

Kamal Bhardwaj

India and Bhutan expert

Kamal Bhardwaj

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  • 10 year experience in travel industry to organze the tours to India and Bhutan
  • 10 years experience to accompany many tourist from all over the world

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